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Mark Ritcey

Financial consultant

After graduating university on full scholarship in 2000, my parents, who fully intended to help me financially in University did not have to. In Lieu, my parents allowed me the opportunity to take the money and invest it, provided I could not use the money frivolously.

My parents guided me a little and started me with a Financial Advisor. I was proud that I had someone in my corner helping me prepare for the future. Someone I could discuss and learn from over the next years. It didn’t take long until my passion for investing grew into investing professionally.

Today, as an experienced Financial Advisor, I keep things simple and manageable. It has to make sense to you as the client or we can’t move forward. My processes that I have in place are centred around what is most important in your life. In all cases, this starts with your health and your family. 

Please feel free to start with a phone call and we can go through my five questions that every client needs to answer. If you can answer yes to these five questions, you are off to a great start with your financial plan. 


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